Arlingtonian recommends weapons, supplies in the case of a flesh-eating apocalypse

By Matias Grotewold, ’13, and Davey Strahm, ’13

Essential Supplies:


-Duct Tape





-Communication Device

-Utility Knife

-Canned food/non-perishable items


First things first: The only way to kill a zombie is by destroying its brain. Now, while most people will immediately reach for the biggest and baddest looking shotgun around, this is not an ideal weapon with which to kill the zombie. When choosing your means of defense, you will definitely want to keep in mind three things: weight, noise level and efficiency. We recommend the following:

Bow and Arrow

Advantages – These are quiet, extremely accurate and the arrows are reusable. With adequate woodworking skills and practice, arrows can be created using the wood from the enivronment

Disadvantages – Requires some background knowledge or training and ammunition is not easy to come by if the arrows are wasted. It takes a few seconds to reload and is rather inconvenient while traveling.

Sword (or any sharp object)

Advantages – Swords are incredibly quiet and very easy to transport. Also, because they do not require ammunition, they are ideal weapons to have on hand.

Disadvantages – You have to be close to the zombie in order to eliminate the threat.

Club (or any blunt object)

Advantages – They are easy to transport and tend to be quiet.

Disadvantages – Easy to break and, like the sword, you have to be close in order for it to be effective. They may also require multiple hits to eliminate the threat, especially if you are not very strong.


Advantages – Ideal for taking out large hordes of zombies, they are efficient killing machines and take just one shot to eliminate the zombie threat.

Disadvantages – They are loud and sound tends to attract more zombies. Also, ammunition is limited and is not replenishable.

Your Environment

An essential skill for any zombie survivalist is the ability to manipulate your environment to your advantage.