Winter teams start tryouts, prepare for upcoming season

by Emma Klebe, ’13

Macauley Mikes

Senior Basketball Captain Macauley Mikes

Q: What training have you done with your team to prepare for the season?

Mikes: Since school has started, we have had open gyms nearly every day of the week and lifting three times a week. This year we tried to incorporate conditioning more into our open gyms and less time out at the track.

Q: What are some of your team’s strengths and weaknesses?

Mikes: We have a great set of guards that can shoot and control the ball. We are a team with excellent outside shots. Our team also has great chemistry due to the amount of time, both on and off the court, we spend together. A weakness we have is that we do not have the [height] some of our opponents have. To make up for this, we have a very quick and athletic team.

Derrick Galantowicz

Senior Hockey Captain Derrick Galantowicz

Q: What training has your team done to prepare for the season?

Galantowitz: We had summer skates early in the summer and starting a month to two months ago have had lifting and conditioning Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and captains’ skates Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Q: What are some team and personal goals that you have?

Galantowitz: Some team goals might be beating St. Charles Preparatory School, having an undefeated season and winning districts. A personal could be to get over 70 percent face off percentage.

Q: For what are you most excited this season?

Galantowitz: I’m excited for tournaments and seeing all the fans come to our games hopefully.


Senior Austin Ping passes to junior Oskar Malinowski at a pre-season basketball practice. The team’s first home game will be Dec. 7 against Thomas Worthington 7:30 p.m.

photo by Lexy Elliott