Students discuss their thoughts outside of formal religion

by Kate Magill, ’13

Throughout UAHS, there are numerous religions by which students abide. However, one set of beliefs that often goes overlooked is atheism, which includes individuals who do not base their values in a religion or deity.

Senior Ally Cole is one student who considers herself an atheist Although she was brought up in a Christian family, Cole found that organized religion created too much conflict.

“I was never really into going to church, praying or learning about the Christian religion,” she said. “I see it as something that causes a lot of conflict for something that we can’t put facts behind.”

For Cole, her own atheism is not something she feels the need to prove to others.

“I don’t go trying to prove that a God doesn’t exist,” she said, “but I believe 100 percent that there isn’t one.”

Senior Roberta Blaho is another student who is certain in her belief in a lack of a higher power.

“I’d have to say that I’m atheist, because I can’t believe that there is such a thing,” she said. “I don’t know how there could be something metaphysical out there.”

Blaho said her atheism stems from her upbringing, as her parents never stressed religion in her household. She said that her father’s set of beliefs is based in science, and his scientific explanation of the universe was the most logical.

““Everything my dad said, I thought those [answers] were true and they sounded real,” she said. “They gave good explanations, like the Big Bang theory and evolution, and they make sense to me.”

Both Blaho and Cole said that although they do not practice a formal religion, their belief systems are rooted in a faith in good. For Cole, she said her system of values stems from her belief in each individual finding his or her own happiness and living each day as well as possible. Blaho believes that the world will also work itself out, and that good will prevail.

“When I have a hard time, my main thought is that everything is going to happen and work out. Whatever happens happens, you can deal with it,” she said.

After Blaho spoke with her mother about values, Blaho said she appreciated her mother’s point of view in faith in the human race.

“My mom always says her belief is in humanity, that people are inherently good,” she said. “And I thought, that’s nice.”