Johnny Rockets is a fun restaurant in which UA students like to go, particularly when going to see a movie at the theater. It is always fun to grab a bite to eat right befrore a thriller or horror movie, and Johnny Rockets is the place to be. It was first opened June 6, 1986 by Ronn Teitelbaum. Today there are 69 Johnny Rockets restaurants in the United States alone.

Johnny Rockets are known for their delicious burgers and shakes. The burgers are very tender; however, they are a little heavy on the mayo and mustard. The french fries are perfectly crispy, not too overdone or too greasy like some restaurants. Their milkshakes are almost as known as their burgers. They are just right with consistancy, but they are a bit chunky. Their chicken tenders are krispy, yet juicy, and full of flavor. Burger prices range from five to seven dollars.

The service is always nice, polite, and attentive. On a Friday night with the movie theater right around the corner, they were still quick to seat their costomers. They helped the atmosphere to be family friendly, entergetic, and livley. Every once-in-a-while, the servers will come out and do a little dance for the younger consumers. Three or four of the servers come out infront of the counter and dance in sync with the music. It is a great 60’s themed restraunt that is fun for everyone.

In all, Johnny Rockets is a fun family friendly restaurant to eat; especially when going to a movie afterwards. You can even buy movie tickets there, which is actually cheaper than getting them at the theater. Usually at the theater, tickets go for $11 or $12, but at Johnny Rockets sells them for $8. Johnny Rockets is a great teen hangout to just relax and have fun with your friends.

Image Caption: Johnny Rockets Restraunt