Local lunch option offers culinary delights.

By Miriam AlghothaniChocolate Fondue

Skiers find paradise on the mountains, swimmers find paradise in the pool, and chocolate lovers find paradise in the Chocolate Café.

A quaint, cozy store, the Chocolate Café, located on Northwest Blvd., offers a quick lunch option or a place to hang out with friends Friday evenings. Adequately priced, the average cost of a sandwich is $7 while the desserts’ average is $5.

Sandwiches, soups, and drinks are on the menu, but Chocolate Café’s chocolate jumps out in various forms.

Presented in an unusual way, the sandwiches are served warm with the choice of pretzels or chips. Separating the two halves of the sandwiches is the chips or pretzels. Uniquely served, the presentation of the sandwiches makes the meal more appetizing. The serving of the Fajita Pepperjack and the Tuna Melt, sandwiches, prompted immediate consumption with no second thoughts as the presentation of sandwiches in the Chocolate Café is uncommon, yet appetizing.

Healthy choices are now harder to find, especially if a quick lunch is sought. However, the Chocolate Café offers healthy choices without guilty feelings. Grilled chicken is an option, as well as vegetarian and tuna sandwiches, and whole wheat bread is an option for any sandwich on the all of which could be served with whole wheat bread. The additional toppings perfect the sandwich while still maintaining the healthy decision. The pepperjack cheese betters the taste of the Fajita Pepperjack as the swiss cheese does to the Tuna Melt. Delicious, yet healthy options at the Chocolate Café provide for easy choices.

Along with the various sandwich options, many drinks exist on the menu to choose from. Served with a chocolate dipped spoon, the mochas come in many flavors including Cafe Mocha, Dark Mocha, and Lake Effect Mocha. All mochas are made with espresso, steamed milk, and Chocolate Café’s chocolate, making the drink delicious. The chocolate dipped spoon perfects the drink, which can be enjoyed at the store or elsewhere. Depending on the mocha, a white, milk or dark chocolate dipped spoon is served to please all chocolate lovers. The mochas at the Chocolate Café are a great add-on to any meal .

If coffee doesn’t please, then the specialty hot chocolates will do the job. Ranging from Cherry Jubillee to LaSalle Mint to Caramel, the hot chocolate flavors boast the variety on the menu. The hot chocolates spice up any meal without the coffee.

Named the Chocolate Café, chocolate is served in various ways. Serving from two to four people, the Chocolate Fondue includes strawberries, pineapples, bananas, graham crackers, and pretzels all to be dipped in melted chocolate. This unique signature item available at the Chocolate Café shows the variety of this local restaurant.

Displaying the beauties of chocolate at the Chocolate Café, a fresh selection of chocolate goodies exists. Chocolate covered strawberries, peanut butter meltaways, and coconut haystacks allow the Chocolate Café to travel alongside anyone. The rich taste of the chocolates show off the Chocolate Café’s true passion and profession in perfecting chocolate.

Main course or dessert, the Chocolate Café provides a perfect heaven for any chocolate lover.

Image Courtesy of the  Chocolate Cafè.