Stauf's Holiday BlendStauf’s Coffee Shop is Grandview has a tasty treat or warm beverage for every customer it serves.

by Ella Koscher

Stauf’s Coffee Shop is able to run like a small business, but gains the popularity of any Starbucks given the amount of business it receives. This business on Grandview Ave., which opened in 1988, is a place that exists to serve the needs of caffeine dependent students or to warm up a cold boy with hot chocolate on a snowy day.

Consisted of two crowded rooms with an abundance of crowded tables, it may be difficult to find a place to sit. College and high school students tend to flood the place with their Apple laptop set in front of them. But through all of the stressed out students, one may find a family playing an exciting game of UNO or a person reading a book for pleasure.

Once the wait for a seat is over, one may be able to appreciate Stauf’s hardy Wifi or notice the casual Indie music playing in the ceiling. Now it’s time to order.

The menu is fairly broad. Part is written in chalk, displaying the roasts and the snacks of the day. The snacks presented in the front consist of delicious made-from-scratch Choco-Mocha Pecan muffins, a mass amount of bagels, and even vegan cookies. There is something for everyone. The Choco-Mocha Pecan muffins taste like heaven after a long day of school and the bagels prove to be far more superb than those at any grocery store or Panera. And for extremely reasonable prices, who could refuse a delicious snack to make it through the day?

The tasty treats, however, are simply a bonus next to the warm beverages the store was essentially opened for. That’s right. The coffee. With a wide selection of dark roast, light roast, decaf, and a dozen coffee drinks, it’s a caffeine addict’s dream come true! Each cup is served in a mug with the Stauf’s logo on it. For a minute, Stauf’s becomes a home. However, if one is, in fact, not a coffee drinker, there is no need to be left out. With an assortment of tea and steaming hot chocolate, there is something for every cold human being passing by.

Stauf’s has the atmosphere and the ability to get someone lost in his or her work, whether he or she be a student, writer, or worker from down the street. But the shop is also welcoming to any family or to anyone coming to read a book. Stauf’s is able to give its customers a variety of coffee and that, along with its reliable Wifi, can get any student through a paper. And yes, it still isn’t a chain coffee shop.