A invasion of Spokane turns Matt Ekert’s life upside down in the movie Red Dawn RedDawn

by Haley Haxton

Friday nights in Spokane, Washington is devoted to watching the Wolverines, the towns high school football team, like it is in many small towns. Even though the scoreboard doesn’t read in favor of Spokane Wolverines, Matt Ekert (Josh Peck) parties at a local hangout with his girlfriend Erica Martin (Isabel Lucas). Matt’s older brother Jed (Chris Hemsworth) stops by after six years of duty in afghanistan to join the party, as did Erica’s older sister. A romance builds between these two characters throughout Red Dawn A MGM movie released on November 21st 2012.

Now, all of this seems normal for a friday night, but normal goes out the window when The town is struck with a power outage that leads to the descent of North Korean Paratroopers. The teens try to save as many friends and family as possible on their way to the Ekert’s cabin. This thrown together group, decides they have nothing to do ,but fight.

And that is exactly what they do, despite the deaths, close encounters, and rescue missions that occur the teens make a difference. They become nationally recognized especially by the “ Free America radio station” who talks about this misfit group also known as the Wolverines.

Although the Wolverines do some amazing things especially for a group of kids. They do not do so with as much force, triumph or patriotism overall as I had anticipated.

The lack of “triumph” and heroism can be seen when jed Ekert dies do to a sniper shot when he is with his new found love. He doesn’t die fighting, which to me was a flaw in the plot, because this movie is supposed to be about patriotism ,but this is unjust defeat.

Even though this movie does lack in this area in a few important scenes, patriotism, heroism, and triumph is still shown throughout this movie, especially in most of the many fight scenes in this movie. Which is why I believe this movie is a little graphic and somewhat frightening at times, possibly a little to much.

These fight scenes although grafic are accompanied by great special effects, especially in the beginning scenes of the movie where a plane crashes into to the home of the Ekert’s neighbors. Explosives also look real, and are rather impressive in scale.

These graphic fight scenes and explosions often lead to rather gory injuries. These wounds although gory show the talent of the make up staff for the movie who make the wounds apear as if they are real. Although this is another reason why people younger than 13 should not see this movie.

Even if someone under the age of 13 views this movie, they will be in raped within the movie. The Camera angles, obvious emotion and editing that causes the audience to feel as part of this movie. This element almost completely makes up for the lack of “triumph.”

The movie does have a few lacking elements suck as this lack of triumph ,but overall this film is an action thriller with romance, family, community, and a love the U.S that is very obvious and key part behind the reasoning that Red Dawn is a overall great movie.

Image by: MGM studios