BD’s Mongolian Grill will be an amazing addition to your restaurant experiences

By Hashem Anabtawi

Imagine there is a place for a starving teenager. Where choosinMongolian BBQg exactly what’s desired to eat is the only way to eat; where the amounts of choices of foods are endless. Even for that Friday night date, wanting to go somewhere special and different. Tired of fast food? BD’s Mongolian Grill is the place to be, the food is great, and the experience is unforgettable.

Walking in, smiling is inevitable. All the people rooting for their team while watching the football game. The entire food bar is placed in the back, just waiting for someone to create a unique combination of foods, ranging from squid to chicken and all sorts of vegetables and seasonings. When reaching the grill, the chefs excite with their knife skills and gestures. BD’s Mongolian Grill is located on Sawmill road in Dublin Ohio, and is moderately priced within 15-20$ per person. Although BD’s is not widely popular in U.A, it is nonetheless a unique and spectacular restaurant.

When going out to eat, the experience is not always just about the food and the money, but the people around as well. Fortunately, the employees are trained to be perky and laughable. As well as the environment of people, they’re young, loud, and love having a great time.

Even though the employees are welcoming, the main reason people come is for the food. In the experience, the Meat and Seafood Bowl was a brand new experience, providing an enormous bar of raw food, ready to be mixed into any combination. The types of food to choose from include, squid, chicken, fajita seasoned chicken, pork, shrimp, lettuce, tomatoes, corn, mushrooms, and endless choices of seasonings. However, it all comes down to making the decision between following a given, well thought out recipe, or sticking to the style of a personal preference. Following a recipe is a great way to ensure a great meal, rather than taking the risk of mixing foods randomly; as some creations however do often end up unappetizing, making the prewritten recipes more appealing. But the real fun comes at the cooking. Following the line, the combination of food is taken to the circular Mongolian grill, where the chefs cook with excitement and create knife tricks to seriously entertain the viewers.

In a comparison to school lunches, BD’s is definitely the winner. Other than having the “going out” experience with friends during lunch, the taste of the food and the feel of the environment is a winner by large. Some of the most common fast food areas that are popular the U.A students include Cane’s Chicken Fingers and Wendy’s. Although those are fast and appetizing options for lunch, BD’s does rank in a higher quality restaurant in its food and environment.

Despite minimal flaws with the atmosphere of the restaurant, BD’s Mongolian Grill is a friendly, exciting, unique, and delicious choice for a student’s lunch or a great dinner for the family. The waiters are welcoming, the other diners are friendly, the food is spectacular, and the view of the cooking experience is eye-opening. This is one restaurant that definitely encourages its consumers to come back.