The winter season is underway as the Golden Bears begin competing in their sporting events

Senior Sarah Colasanti

Sarah Colasanti


Q:  As your first year on diving and as a senior captain, how do you think you will gain the respect from your teammates?
Colasanti: I treat everyone fairly and the respect is mutual; if I respect them, they’ll respect me.
Q: Even though it is the beginning of the season, what has been the team’s biggest struggle so far?
Colasanti: The biggest struggle with the team would be getting over mental blocks. Everyone can do crazy moves, they just have to get over the fear of making painful mistakes.
Q: What is the team’s biggest goal for this season?
Colasanti: The biggest goal for the season would be to make it to states, and [that] everyone improves and learns 11 dives so they can compete.

Senior Vito DiBenedetto

Vito DiBenedetto


Q: How do you expect the Bears will place this year?
DiBenedetto: I expect that the wrestling Bears will place better than last year if all goes well.
Q: Many teammates are returning from last year. How will this affect the performance of the whole team this year?
DiBenedetto: The guys who are returning have hopefully learned something from last season.  I honestly don’t know how this will affect the whole team’s performance.
Q:  As a captain along with Dan Watson, how do you two help the team succeed?
DiBenedetto: It seems that the most we can do is lead by example and encourage the others. It is up to them if they want
to succeed.