Photo by Maria Berger. Senior Phaedra Scherl performs a move from American Tribal Style belly dancing. Scherl will be performing in the UAHS talent show, which will open on March 9.

On Saturday March 9, UAHS students interested in the performing arts will get a special treat as the school hosts its annual talent show. The 90-minute event will enable students with unique performance talents to put their best foot forward for the crowd.

The talent show comprises a wide variety of student talents. Theater teacher Greg Varner, who has been in charge of the show for the last five years, said that the show aims to exhibit as broad a range of talent possible.

“The most consistent thing I see in the company of the talent show is the way students from all across the school are represented,” Varner said. “The show is wide open to the entire student population and to all types of talent—from singers to instrumentalists to dancers to bands to dramatic performance—the door is open to everyone.”

Among the acts planned this year are poetry recitation, Irish step dancing, a ukelele solo and stage magic. In addition to providing entertainment, the talent show also raises money for charitable projects. The 2012 talent show donated its proceeds to the UAHS Student Foundation, with this year’s recipient currently being deliberated. Varner says this function of the show is a source of pride for both himself as well as the school.

“I always want people to be able to look around and be reminded of the strength of Upper Arlington,” Varner said. “We are a community of people who need to take frequent inventory of our blessings and who need to always look for the way we can share our [good fortune] with others. … Likewise, with our charity focus, we provide an opportunity for others to be blessed because of what we, as a community, do.”

For the students planning to perform, however, the show also serves as a stepping-stone on the journey of exploring their fascinations. Senior Phaedra Scherl, a belly dancer since her sophomore year and a participant in the upcoming talent show, plans to use her performance as an opportunity to grow as a dancer.

Scherl specializes in American Tribal style belly dancing, and prior to participating in the talent show, has only danced in groups. She plans to continue dancing in the future, having taken this step forward.

“[It’s] a little bit [intimidating]. [I’ve] never had to deal with auditions for dancing,” Scherl said. “I’m a little nervous, because I’ve never [danced] solo before.”

Whatever one’s motivation for participating in the show may be, it remains an important event for the performance community of Upper Arlington. Senior Stephen Chun, who was a featured pianist in last year’s talent show, believes that the show allowed him to display his passion best.

“I believe that [you know you’ve done] the best performance [you] could do if, when you finish a piece, there is a moment of silence, then the applause,” Chun said. “That moment of silence shows that the audience is still interested, and they want to hear more…There was about three seconds of silence after my piece, and I think that’s why I was so proud [of it.]”