Prom is a night to show off all the different fashion styles on the dance floor. For this year’s”Midnight in Paris” theme, keep an eye on the upcoming trends for the perfect night.

By Jane Eskildsen, Alex Keller, Kelly Chian



This year shoes are stepping it up with additions such as studs, sequins, rhinestones and glitter. Macy’s shoe department employee Lauren Canady said, “We have a lot of sparkles in right now and the high platform type heels.” However, while some will be tempted by the twinkle, according to Teen Vogue, another trend for this year is bows. These give a balance between elegance and youthfulness that can easily be added to the sides, back or front of the shoe.


The Tux

Classic or not? For those who attended prom last year, such as junior Jerri Valliere, it was noticed that many guys were beginning to turn to grey suits. However, for any gentlemen planning on taking part in this trend, take heed: According to Esquire magazine, “If you wear grey, make sure everything else is traditional to tone down the color.”



Whether up or down, there are numerous hair styles from which a girl can choose. One popular trend for hair down is the side sweep; it provides a sleek and retro feel, according to Seventeen magazine. A popular trend in up-dos are braids, as they add a different texture and modern vibe, Teen Vogue said. A classic half updo will suffice for the traditional and conventional attendee, if the choice between up or down is just too hard.


The Dress

As the years have passed, prom trends have changed in many ways. Connie Leál Ballenger, owner of Leál boutique in Upper Arlington, has observed these changes. “For the past four-to-five years there have been many more short dresses sold than long dresses,” Ballenger said.

While the short dress trend continues to obtain more popularity, Leál said for now the long prom dresses will transform into a more modern state and have more illusions with slits, cut outs and sheer features.

Senior Emily Huddle, a previous prom attendee, has kept an eye out for these new fads. “[I believe]there will definitely be more long dresses this year at prom as UA tries out the maxi dress trend.”



The battle between bow ties and ties continues into prom 2013. Ivan Romanoff, owner of Romanoff Classic Tuxedoes, said, “Some ties are popular, but we are running a lot more bow ties.”

Romanoff continued, “It is all dictated by the stars and pro-athletes… [Celeberties] dress up and wear bow ties, and that means that a lot of high school and college students will want to wear bow ties as well.”


Images courtesy My Dress Connection, Suitored, Ella Koscher, Sew Sare, and One Wed