By Johanna Welling

Excited and hopeful for the upcoming season, Junior Kasey Bennett is a right field starter for the Upper Arlington Junior Varsity softball team. From playing with any variety of ball that her little hands could get a hold of to drills and conditioning on a team of athletes, Bennett has experienced it all and the sport is practically second nature. In an interview she reflects on near and dear memories from previous years, as well as admits one of her weaknesses and discusses future plans. It’s pretty obvious that this teenage athlete loves what she does and has the dedication to show it.

Q: How did you become involved in softball?

BENNETT: Ever since I was three my dad had my sister and I in the living room catching bouncy balls, and then he gave us gloves with Velcro and Velcro balls so we could learn how to catch. Then we got actual gear and we got involved in Northam Park League, and that was in about 2nd or 3rd grade. I couldn’t play softball for my school until about 4th grade.

Q: What would you say is the best memory you have of playing softball?

BENNETT: Last year I was playing right field and I’m a starter right fielder for the JV team. One of the girls on the other team hit a really far ball way over my head, so I ran backwards to try and catch it but it was still too far over my head so I jumped at the last second. I was horizontal from the ground and I rolled about 5 feet and nobody could tell whether I caught it or not until I put my glove up in the air with the ball. It was the last out of the inning so I was running into the dugout and the field umpire started singing the Rocky Balboa theme song… so that’s one of the good memories I have from softball

Q: What do you do during a regular practice?

BENNETT: We start out with agilities and stretching, and we go into throwing with partners and we work on hitting in the batting cage we have in the freshman gym, and basically we go around to a lot of different stations just to work on different skills.

Q: What do you think is the most difficult skill about softball?

BENNETT: I think it’s different for every person because I know girls who have trouble sliding [but] I’m really great at it, and I struggle with fielding grounders in the in-field but I know girls who that’s like a second skill they automatically have, so I think it’s different for everyone.