By Sarah Gifford

Sarah Heureman goes to the Junior Olympics every year, which is not an easy thing to get into. To qualify for the Junior Olympics athletes must to go through many stages and get in the top few to carry on. In an interview with Heureman, she described some of her experiences in qualifying for the 2010 Junior Olympics as an athlete in track and field.

Q: What do you have to do to train for the Junior Olympics every year?

HEUREMAN: Usually I train about six days out of the week, and I usually run hills, long distance runs, fartleks, indian runs with my friends and I’ll do sprints.

Q: Does the Junior Olympics location change every year or is it always in one location?

HEUREMAN: It’s always in different places, but this year it is in North Dakota. Last year was in Iowa. In the past years, it’s been in Knoxville and Michigan.

Q: What’s your favorite location that you’ve been to?

HEUREMAN: Definitely Knoxville, Tennessee, because I love Tennessee with all of the mountains and I got to eat junk food after I ran.

Q: How many events are there at the Junior Olympics and which one do you like the most?

HEUREMAN: There are a lot of events, but the one that I like the most is the 2-mile, because I’m the best at it. But there’s the 2 mile, the 1 mile, the half mile, the fourth mile, half mile relay, the fourth mile relay, the 200 meter, the 100 meter, discus, shot-put, long jump.

Q: That’s fun! What’s your best time for the 2-mile?

HEUREMAN: Probably 12:15.

Q: Wow, that’s a good time! How many days are you usually at the Junior Olympics? Is it like a weeklong thing or is it just a few days?

HEUREMAN: It’s usually a weeklong thing because the events, like one will be a different day and then the other one will be a different day. But, between the days we usually do fun things like rafting down the river.

Q: That’s fun!

Q: So, you are going to do track and field in high school, right?


Q: Are you excited for that?

HEUREMAN: Not really, because I’ve heard that it’s really difficult and hard, and I’m scared that I’m going to do badly.


Q: It’s okay.

Q: What time of the year are the Junior Olympics?

HEUREMAN: Usually in August, and it’s really, really hot then.

Q: Yeah, I would think!