by Lina Al-Khatib, ’10

Homeroom has been moved from Fridays to Wednesdays this year due to teachers’ preference to have only one altered schedule a week instead of two.

With office hours introduced last year on Wednesday mornings, it created a second altered schedule for the week, with the orginial altered schedule being the homeroom schedule on Fridays.

Principal Kip Greenhill said he chose Wednesday to be the day for the new revised schedule when concerns were raised that students might abuse office hours if they were held on Fridays, with students sleeping in instead of getting help from a teacher.

Senior Joey Mikac, an anchor on this year’s Kickin’ It Live staff, said it would have been beneficial to ask for more student input before making this decision.

“It [has] put … Kickin’ It Live in an uncomfortable situation, in that we have to prepare a show on a different schedule than previous years,” Mikac said.

Graphic by Emily Teach