An interview with soccer player Luke Boyer:

Q: How is your season going so far?

BOYER:  Well I’d say that is not going very well because our record is one, five and three, but they’ve all been close games pretty much.  All a bunch of fluke goals and we still have four games left.  We had another tie today so it’s like one, five and four now.

Q: What are your goals for the season?

BOYER:  Well I’d probably say that we want to, well, that from now on in the season we probably want to win out the rest of our games and learn how to use our forwards in a good way, because they’re not scoring very much for us.

Q: What is different about this year’s team than last year’s

BOYER:  I wouldn’t really know, but the difference between my Jones team and this UA team is probably, like, a different style of play.  Because our coaches were completely different.  Like the coach from Jones was really like calm and had philosophies and stuff and the other one is like more hardcore and stuff and to the point, you know?  So, the style of coaching is biggest difference.

Q: What was or is going to be the toughest game for you this year?

BOYER:  Matias—I don’t know how to say the last name but, yeah, he scores the most and I’d say like our key players are like Drew and Blake because Drew’s our sweeper and Blake’s our center so they distribute the ball the most and stuff, so yeah

Q: What challenges do you face as a team this year?

BOYER:  O.K. so probably like learning how to play as a team like because we’re such a selfish team it seems like a lot of times everyone’s just trying to play for themselves so yeah, that’s like our biggest challenge, learning how to play as a team.

Q: What struggles have you been facing this season?

BOYER:  Just like a said not playing well, the bad record and learning how to play as a team.