Ava EslerQ:  What is a typical practice like for the softball team?
Esler: A typical practice is a lot of work on fundamentals or technical stuff… such as taking infield balls and working on cuts from the outfield. We try to do hitting, such as batting off our live pitchers or working on tees.
Q: What is a challenge the team wishes to overcome before the season ends?
Esler: For the past three years we haven’t had very good seasons. We want to get back to being a softball powerhouse, which we have been in the past. The season has started off really well and we think we’re going to be very successful. We’re currently 3-1 and had zero errors in our season opener.

nate wallaceQ: Besides attending practices, how does the team prepare for a match?
Wallace: We work out and have occasional team dinners.
Q: How would you describe your leadership skills and how does this affect the team?
Wallace: My leadership skills are pretty good. I try to lead by example and help the underclassmen feel more involved, which may include telling a few jokes here and there.
Q:  What do you hope the team overcomes by the end of the season?
Wallace: I hope that we can overcome any adversity that might occur throughout the season, whether that be a loss or an injury. But hopefully none of that happens.
Q:  What is the biggest goal for the season?
Wallace: The two biggest goals for the season are to have fun and win a state championship. Which would make it three titles in four years. That would be pretty cool.