Balance. For many of us, between school, sports, work, family, friends and other obligations, finding such a thing in our lives can be difficult, at times even impossible. The same can be said for our health, an idea that writers Elizabeth Tzagournis and Cassie Lowery explore in this issue’s Spotlight, “Weighing in on Health.”

In their article, the two discuss the conflicting messages that students receive from the media, the government and the people in their lives regarding their physical and mental health.

While a common theme heard through ad campaigns and the media is to work for the perfect slim figure for girls and muscular frame for guys, other messages from the media encourage people to accept and appreciate themselves for whom they are, no matter their body type.

So which of these is the right message? Should students strive for the “perfect” body, or should they accept themselves as they are, even if that person isn’t a size 0? To me, neither is the correct answer.

It is not that individuals should follow one set of advice or the other, but instead to find a balance between the two. Yes, it is important to eat well and exercise often in order to have a healthy lifestyle, but it is equally important to appreciate yourself for the person you are, regardless of size or body type.

The same can be said for the balance high school students are so often encouraged to find in their lives in general. While it is true that no one aspect of your life should dominate, there is no perfect “balance” for everyone. Instead, it is about finding a balance among all of the different components that works for you.

When all is said and done, the person who needs to be happiest with this balance, whether it be between mental and physical health, school and sports, or friends and family, is you.

Enjoy the issue!

Kate Magill

Arlingtonian Editor in Chief, 2012-13