With summer coming soon, students comment before and after seeing new films

by karihighman, ’13 and davidSTRIECHER, ‘13


image courtesy of walt disney studios

Marvel’s latest installment of the Iron Man series brings audiences back to the world of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) as he battles both a new foe and a growing obsession with his superhero identity.


Junior Jack Mellon“From the trailers I am already excited about the ‘fall from grace’ storyline that seems to be the focus of the [third] movie. I’m also excited to see [what Ben Kingsley] brings to this trilogy.”

“I was very impressed. For a movie where the hero was without his ‘powers’ for two-thirds of the movie I stayed interested the whole. I wasn’t expecting it at all. The ‘stealing the show’ award goes to Ben Kingsley.”

junior Jack Mellon

Senior Danny Sullivan

“I’m interested to see if Rodey (Don Cheadle) takes a bigger leap with his role [than in Iron Man 2]. I’m also interested in seeing Ben Kingsley play the Mandarin.”

“I was really surprised by what they did with the Mandarin’s character, and I [absolutely] hated it. [I am familiar] with some comics, and I understand the original Mandarin’s backstory a bit. His original story is much more complicated [than in the movie].”

senior Danny Sullivan

The Great Gatsby

image courtesy of warner brothers pictures

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous novel returns to the big screen in this fifth film adaptation directed by Baz Luhrmann. The film retells the classic tale of drama and secrets surrounding the mysterious and eccentric Jay Gatsby in 1920s New York.


Senior Amy Morley“I’m excited to see Tobey Maguire [who plays Nick Carraway] in something other than Spiderman. It will be interesting for him to play a different character. I’m excited to see Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby.”

“Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio were both outstanding. It seemed very modernized, but maybe that’s just because there was current music in a movie set in the 1920s. As the movie went on, I got used to it and ended up enjoying the modern twist.”

senior Amy Morley

Junior Emily Walker“The period drama seems very appealing to lots of people right now. They are a great form of escapism for a lot of people. It will certainly be interesting to see in what direction [Baz Luhrmann] takes the film.”

“I’d recommend this movie to anyone who’s looking for two hours of solid entertainment. Even though I knew the soundtrack was going to incorporate modern music, I was a little shocked by how well the old and new elements were blended together in the movie.”

junior Emily Walker


image courtesy of millenium entertainment

Based on the 1897 novel of the same name, What Maisie Knew is a heartstring-pulling drama about a young girl thrown into the adult world when she has to adapt to her parents divorce.


Senior Lucia Chung

“I’m [looking forward to] seeing both Julianne Moore and [Onata Aprile], because they are supposed to have great roles and performances.”

“It’s an amazing story. I was so impressed by the fact that the little girl understood things in the adult world. I loved the plot, the characters, and [I] enjoyed seeing how each scene fit together. [It was so good], I hope to see it again.”

senior Lucia Chung

Senior Kristen Hyatt“I’m expecting Maisie’s life to be changed by the events between her parents divorcing and having a stepmom and step dad. [From the trailers], I expect to see a big family dynamic.”

“I thought overall this movie was good and I would recommend it to others. I loved how the storyline was played out on screen. I think that people can definitely relate to it. The thing that stood out to me the most was Aprile’s performance-so much talent there.”

senior Kristen Hyatt