June 9. This date has loomed over my fellow seniors and me as we have struggled through college decisions, Capstone presentations and A.P. tests. Now that we are finally within sight of our long awaited graduation day, I am filled with mixed emotions. Excited and proud to be graduating from high school, sad to leave teachers and friends who have inspired me and nervous for what the next four years hold. UAHS has been a wonderful place to learn, and has given my classmates and me endless opportunities to grow not only as students but as individuals.

One of these opportunities that has proven to be the most rewarding for me has been working on Arlingtonian. I am so proud to say that I am part of such a talented staff, one that produces stories that are professional, controversial, at times heartbreaking and enlightening. Our staff worked tirelessly throughout the year to research and report on the stories that we believed our audience would enjoy reading, as well as topics of which we felt students needed to be aware.

While reading about, discussing, and covering these news events throughout the year, I, like so many others, was struck by the kindness and compassion that poured out of the tragedies of the last few months.

It is these people, people who I find not only in the headlines of newspapers and as trending topics on Twitter, but within my daily life, who help to showcase the best the world has to offer, despite the adversity we face. And for me, that is my senior reflection. To see the good in the bad, and to remember that the good is what should prevail not just in times of strife, but always. Not only in moments of grief, but in times of happiness and joy, we should see and be the forces of good that we love. So that is what I leave as my final thought as a senior- be kind to one another. As we walk aross the stage at Vets Memorial, remember to use these experiences from the last four years to find the good and help to propel it forward.

I hope you’ve enjoyed every issue!

Kate Magill

Arlingtonian Editor-in-Chief, 2012-13cropped-kate-letter-from-editorcropped-kate-letter-from-editor