staff editorial

It’s the finale— the class of 2013 has reached its curtain call and it seems everybody is ready to take a bow. As seniors peruse this last installment of Arlingtonian, no question graduation is on their minds. And today, when the bell rings at 3:05, and the papers fly into the air and the shouts and laughter mingle together, seniors are going to believe that after our June 9 graduation, they will be through with UA once and for all, existing now as mere UA alumni from the Class of 2013. Yet students may not realize that there is one more “last” left: senior summer.

As we go onto college, jobs and a life away from the people we’ve grown to know over the past four years, the reality of these upcoming few months of summer takes on a new significance. With the end of this summer of 2013 comes the start of the next four years— in different colleges, in different states and even continents (Cassie Lowery we’re looking at you). So make the most of the little time left.

As cliché as it sounds, the truth is there will never be a time like the here-and-now. And this does not just apply to the graduating senior class; the high school years go by fast. The next graduation that some seniors can expect is that of college and after college comes a whole new life— one possibly including a family and career. That is where we are all heading and for some that is an exciting concept while for others, it is frightening. So although the future seems to beckon unrelentlessly, this summer take time to appreciate your friends, your family and the experiences you will want to remember for the years to come.