DSC_1241Dear readers,

As another school year approaches, the Arlingtonian staff has been at work creating the 2013-14 school year’s very first issue of Arlingtonian. Since 17 seniors on the Arlingtonian staff graduated in the spring, this school year marks a fresh start for the publication. I am thrilled to welcome 16 new students to this year’s staff. While this transition may be difficult, I have no doubt that the new members will work diligently to maintain the high standards of previous years’ Arlingtonian. I am fortunate to work with a staff that cares so much about spreading the latest news to the UAHS community, and I know that Arlingtonian will continue to serve as an impressive public forum of student expression.

For any who are unfamiliar with Arlingtonian, I hope you are excited about the magazine that lays in your hands. The stories that fill these pages serve a multitude of purposes: to entertain, to create awareness, to spotlight a talent or student, and, most importantly, to spread community news that can sometimes be related at a state, or even national level. As I look at my goals with optimism for this year’s Arlingtonian, one large desire that I have is involvement. I hope the stories published in this magazine spark discussion around the community. What Arlingtonian prints, however, is only the first step in making a change. What readers like you do with the information is up to you. With that, I urge you to not only read the stories that fill this magazine, but also to take action regarding the issues published and to support your peers as you read about their talents and successes.

Because Arlingtonian is a student-run publication, I will carefully review the stories that appear in each issue with the help of Managing Editor Anna-Maria Thalassinos and Copy Editor Maria Grund. While stories of controversy may appear in Arlingtonian, it is my hope that what is seen in these pages is not offensive to anyone. As other staff members and I learn to be professional and responsible student journalists, my priority for the staff is to report nothing but the truth, as our first loyalty is to our readers.

Arlingtonian is fortunate to be financially able to provide each student and faculty member a free issue of Arlingtonian each month due to the support of our advertisers and donors. I want to thank these families and local businesses for their support. I feel fortunate to live in a community where the excellent tradition of Arlingtonian can continue in its 76th year due to your contributions. With that, here’s to another year of Arlingtonian!

Grace Moody

Arlingtonian Editor in Chief