Hashem Anabtawihashemmug

Siri here, graphics there, everywhere an update. For the past three years, a new model of the almighty iPhone has come out with features making it “the most amazing iPhone yet” according to Apple’s official website. It’s seen at high schools, middle schools, and even as early as the elementary schools: the obsession with having an iPhone. Even though people everywhere express the need to upgrade to the newest model as soon as it comes out, there’s actually not much of a difference in the newest models, as there was with the fourth generation.

The iPhone 4 introduced a new feature to its series, the front camera. It allows for the phone to take pictures from the front and the back, and also makes mobile video chatting possible. The technology, however doesn’t become more revolutionary with the next model.

The iPhone 4S showcased the new feature, Siri. “She” is the friend who always answers your questions by searching Google for you through voice commands. But what really knocked people’s socks off is that “she” responds when “she’s” asked, “What’s up?”.

It doesn’t seem like much, yet Siri was enough to win over the minds and wallets of 70 percent of iPhone holders according to Statisticbrain.com. Is that because people want the latest technology or because they want to fit in? It differs for most people. But it’s safe to say iPhones are seen in everyone’s pockets, especially in Upper Arlington.

When talk of the iPhone 5 began, the first thing to come to mind may have been that it was either the best iPhone to date, or just an elongated screen. Regardless, the iPhone 5 sales have totalled nearly 56 million units according to Statisticbrain.com. There’s no need to be worried though, it also has Siri. But is it really that exciting to upgrade one big new feature at a time? No, it is better to wait and really be surprised for the next models to come.

A reason people feel the need to upgrade their iPhone is because of Apple’s unique advertising. The ads are made to relate to everyday people showing off the unique new functions of each phone, such as quicker apps, easier functioning and clear graphics. The ads even convinced me to upgrade. But it doesn’t hurt to dream right?

Because a new iPhone model has been released every year since the first generation, it’s safe to assume a new one will be coming our way in 2013. Rumors of the iPhone 5S seem to have little changes including a larger battery, andclearer camera. But this time, it could come in new colors according to T3.com. As for the iPhone 6, it is expected to have a completely new design and come in a variety of sizes, though not much is known according to Techradar.com.

It isn’t the end of the world if you don’t have the latest iPhone amongst your friends, family, or anyone at all. Waiting for multiple new features in the popular phone will make having an iPhone be special again.