DSC_1241Dear readers,

This issue of Arlingtonian spotlights an intense, mature and, to many, frightening topic: human trafficking.

While this topic may not seem relevant to the average student, human trafficking is, indeed, a local issue; an estimated 3,000 youths in Ohio are at risk for being trafficked each year due to many highway systems and a large number of colleges and universities. Theresa Flores, a Columbus resident who was a victim of human trafficking as a teenager, spoke with Alex Keller and Kelly Chian in their story, “The Modern Day Slave,” found on page 14. Flores shared her story and explained how she coped with the issue throughout her life. As I imagine it would be very difficult for her to share her story, we are grateful that we were able to hear personal accounts of her experience with human trafficking.

It is my hope that awareness can be spread about the problem of human trafficking; it is the fastest-growing type of organized crime in the world. Education and awareness about the topic are what can help to stop human trafficking and keep people safe. We are privileged to live in Upper Arlington, and to many of us this topic might be unfamiliar. However, being educated about human trafficking and learning the proper precautions are steps that we, as a community, can make to help this issue.

With one month completed after transitioning into a new school year with an almost-entirely new Arlingtonian staff, serving as the editor-in-chief has been an exciting role in many ways. From participating in photo shoots with the arts staff to getting to know the staff members better, serving as a leader of the Arlingtonian has been a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

I encourage you, as a reader, to get involved and submit a guest column or letter to the editor to arlingtonians@yahoo.com or stop by room 221. Since Arlingtonian serves as a public forum for student expression, it is my hope that each reader feels welcome to share his or her opinion. As I mentioned during the start of the school year, I hope to get community involvement with Arlingtonian; sharing your feedback and opinions with us is a great place to start.

Grace Moody

Arlingtonian Editor-in-Chief