university-hallUAHS students take advantage of the opportunity to obtain college credit

By Anna-Maria Thalassinos ’14

The OSU Academy Program provides high school students with the opportunity to take additional college-level courses not offered at UAHS.

Image By Sheridan Hendrix

There are currently 15 UAHS students enrolled in the program. Senior Taruni Kumar finds the program to be a great benefit for students.

“[Academy] gives [students] an opportunity to explore something more in-depth than you have the chance to in high school and can extend and challenge yourself,” Kumar said.

OSU Academy Adviser Michelle Brown believes the Academy Program enables students to gain a true college experience.

“The Academy Program allows talented high school students to earn college credit before graduating from high school. This college credit is paid for by the school, which is always popular with families,” Brown said. “High school students [are able] to gain a true college experience [by] work[ing] with college faculty members…”

Admission into this program is competitive with the majority of admitted Academy students taking classes on the OSU Columbus campus, according to Brown.

“Last year, we had approximately 500 students who applied to the program. We admitted about 435 students, and just over 300 are taking classes this fall,” she said. “The majority of these students are on the Columbus campus– there are 225 students taking classes in Columbus this fall.”

Having a passion for Math and Physics, senior Denise Costin knew that the OSU Academy Program was the right direction for her academic career. After taking AP Calculus BC and AP Physics her junior year, Costin wanted to continue to take higher Math and Physics courses.

“The Academy Program was the perfect option, since it’s very flexible and allows me to choose exactly the classes I want to take and when I’d like to take them,” she said. “I was even allowed to sign up for an honors Physics course for an extra challenge.”

Although many of the Academy students are primarily taking Math and Science classes, there are students who chose to take other courses instead.

“Even people with interests outside of science can find many interesting classes over a very broad range of topics, ranging from practically any global language available to Philosophy, to Art, and to History,” Costin said.

Brown agrees, stating that students are able to take a wide range of classes offered at OSU. However, students need to meet the class requirements in order to enroll.

“Students must meet college preparatory requirements as well as course prerequisites,” Brown said. “There are academic advisors who work with students in the Academy Program to assist with course selection.

According to Brown, the application process is completed online and there are requirements students must meet in their grades and standardized test scores.

In order to take classes through OSU, students have to make adequate room in their schedules for the commute and their classes.

For Kumar, this aspect was not a hassle.

“I had to block off a large part of my day, but it wasn’t too bad,” she said. “[I] go to OSU for first through fifth period in the morning and come to UAHS in the afternoon for sixth through eighth period.”

Costin, however, has a more packed schedule with the classes she is taking at OSU and the ones she has at UAHS.

“I’m at OSU from 8am-12:30pm for Calculus III and Logic, [and I] go back to the high school from 1:30pm-3:45pm for English [and extracurricular activities], and go back to OSU from 4:10-5:05 for Honors Physics,” Costin said.

A perk to the Academy Program includes having access to the resources and facilities at OSU.

“OSU Academy students will receive an OSU Buck ID, and are eligible to use the resources of the university such as the library system, the math/stats tutoring center, and the writing center,” Brown said. “Some resources are available at a cost, such as the RPAC.”

Costin has had a great experience with the Academy Program and would recommend the program to UAHS students.

“No matter what you are interested in, you can find a class in that subject, usually taught by an excellent professor,” she said. “The school pays for almost everything, you are given college credit or high school credit and OSU is only a convenient 10 minutes away from the high school.”