hashemarlmugBy Hashem Anabtawi,’15

iPhones, cars and houses galore, come on inside and see what’s in store. A place where we live in wealth and out of trouble, don’t get yourself trapped in the UA Bubble. Or at least, is that what everyone else thinks about us?

It’s easy to judge Upper Arlington by the clothes people wear, the way people talk and of course our status as the top contributor to Apple’s iPhone industry. For some of us, seeing past the luxuries and being thankful for living in a community such as Upper Arlington is not easy.

Everyone has heard of the bubble. It guards Upper Arlington residents from the rest of life and the real world.

Have “outsiders” heard of the bubble? Possibly, but we’re really not as famous as we think. We always dress to impress, cradle our phones and always express our thoughts in 140 characters or less. And for that, we get branded by the rest of central Ohio as rich, snobby and wild. Is that something we deny? Well, no. We have things like the UA Confessions Twitter page and a parking lot full of black Jeeps to be proud of.

But the Upper Arlington school system is said to be one of the best in the state, as it is even highly ranked in the country. So why does everyone only see the bad in this place? There’s a time when you just have to say, “who cares?” It’s our job to praise our community and be greatful for the place we live and people we live with, right?

Sports are some of the most exciting aspects of UA. But the fact that we have such a successful variety of athletic teams puts us even a step higher than other schools.

The football team celebrates victories in and out, the tennis team wins many state titles and both the boys and girls’ lacrosse teams won championships just recently.

Other than sports, which we all know are great, our academics also prove themselves to be much better than average Ohio high schools. With phenomenal AP and IB programs, it’s easy to see that Upper Arlington is a honorable place to grow up.

Maybe we do dress way too nice for the occasion of school, and maybe we do judge each other by every little detail. But that’s what makes us part of the Upper Arlington community. So let’s stick a needle in the infamous UA bubble, and show off what makes UA unique.