By Principal Ryan McClure

The Upper Arlington High School is worthy of being known. Within the first few days of becoming principal, I learned history, tradition and points of pride around which the high school and community flourish. As I listened, teachers, students, and community members expressed the willingness of our students to meet high expectations on their way to success. UAHS has a tradition of success like no other high school in this state.

These foundational pillars, by their very existence, have given every activity that our high school community embraces the expectation of high standards. Each of these activities communicates those high standards in a different way, using a different “motto.”

That is why we are undertaking a new mission in order to express our standard of excellence to our community and region in a unified fashion. The task of creating a singular school “motto” is to simply find a common language through which we can express our willingness to meet all high expectations. A new “motto” would allow me to communicate with our school community in a language that will ultimately become associated with excellence.

What do we consider when creating an effective motto?

• The phrase needs to quickly distinguish Upper Arlington High School from other high schools.

• The phrase should communicate the essence of our promise to deliver quality educational pathways for all students and their supporting families.

Why is it important to create a motto?

• A motto communicates the passion, purpose,and elite standards of our high school with just a few words.

• As the centerpiece of our community, our Upper Arlington High School can create a real sense of unification around one message of success.

• We each daily represent the wonderful tradition of UAHS and one motto would communicate our willingness to meet, with excellence, all the demands that lay ahead.

It is my hope that each of you will take some time to collaborate with friends and family to discuss the opportunities that come with creating a motto. We have so many creative and talented students, and I look forward to working with all of you on this project. Go Bears!