The Last Of Us

by London BYAS, ’16

As the undead survival franchise has risen, gamers find it hard to find an original, enthralling game. Just as hopes began to fall, the Last of Us came out like a deus ex machina. The game was released worldwide on June 14, 2013. The Last of Us is developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Naughty dog has developed action adventure games in the past, such as the Uncharted series, but they haven’t been known to produce many survival horror games. With an average user rating of 9.4 out of 10, gamers seem to support Naughty Dogs decision to expand their genre horizons.

The Last of Us is a well priced game considering the fantastic graphics, long gameplay and beautiful scenery. Not only did the game have wonderful aesthetic qualities, but the production crew also took extra time to add easter eggs, upgrades and explorable maps to prolong the games experience. When released, the game was priced at $59.99 and currently has the same retail value. However, you can purchase the game pre-owned for an average fee of around $39.99. New games being released have been noted in the $60 to $65 range within the first year of release. The new Grand Theft Auto V was released at the retail price of $59.99 on September 17, 2013. The Last of Us followed a reasonable price path and attracted buying gamers by not raising the price standard.

The storyline for TLOU was captivating and surprising. The game is set in post-zombie apocalyptic America in 2033, where we play as main character Joel. Joel is put in charge of transporting a young girl, Ellie (voiced by Ashley Johnson), into the city with his partner Tess (voiced by Annie Wersching) for the promise of firearms. However, while on the trip, many complications and devastating events cause Joel and Ellie to travel cross country for over a year. While playing as Joel (voiced by Troy Baker), the player feels as though they’re with him in his post-apocalyptic world. The emotion brought on by the beginning scene alone is enough to hook the player into playing addictively. The dialogue used in the game is very relatable. Everything said and done by the characters is very serious and related to the mood of the scene. The mood, plot, dialogue, characters and story are beyond satisfactory. But what about the graphics? Don’t worry the production crew did a great job with those too. The animation is very smooth and life like. The only common motion glitch gamers have reported is a lag when picking up objects or items while playing. The maps are gorgeous with lovely scenery and plenty of explorable space. Yes, there’s plenty to find for the explorer types out there.

The Last of Us uses a third person viewpoint where the player watches as Joel performs the actions they input into the controller. The emotional bond the players grow with Joel as they play brings a more dramatic feel, almost as if you yourself are on their apocalyptic Earth. Many popular youtubers, such as Pewdiepie, have played the game and filmed their experiences for their subscribers on youtube. During the gameplay, pewdiepie said he had grown an attachment to the characters and was enthralled with the games graphics and art.

While playing, the player is subject to many twists and turns in the story. These surprises keep the player on his/her toes and keeps gameplay interesting. This game will eventually have the gamer thinking like a survivalist! Which only adds to the player involvement that is already heavily prominent in The Last of Us.

Ending the game is a bitter-sweet moment for players. It may be a bit hard to accept for some that the game is truly over, but have no fear! Naughty Dog has announced that they have plans for DLC’s and improved online multiplayer for TLOU. The Last of Us did not disappoint hyped up fans. The production team and all involved with the game did a fantastic job delivering a “flesh” new game to their hungry, zombie-obsessed consumers.