By Mary Kate Keethler

Most People were pleasantly surprised by this relatively new restaurant in Upper Arlington’s Kingsdale Plaza. The restaurant has their own building and are not tucked away in the shopping plaza. There is plenty of convenient parking and they have a nice outdoor patio area. Inside, the decor was nice and cozy with a really cool fireplace in the wall that added some character. The host were nice and polite as people walked in and out of the restaurant .

The overall appearance of the restaurant was clean and the lighting sets a good mood for the theme and feel of the restauHoulihan'srant.The menu has a lot of options that all sounded pretty good and the prices are reasonable. The Meal I ended up with a 6oz Top Sirloin, Asparagus, Mashed Potatoes and a side salad ($14). The side salad was awesome and had corn and bacon on top. The steak was a little overcooked, but not inedible. The steak was pretty thin and I think they’d benefit from a slightly thicker cut. The mashed potatoes were awesome. Super creamy and buttery . The restaurant kept the steak whole instead of cutting up overcooked strips of steak like most places.

They have a lot of appetizers and small plates to share and I’d definitely like to sample those next time.Overall the restaurant was great, and I really enjoyed our meals and will for sure come back. I see this as a great place for a group dinner or for a double date..