by Sari Royer’13

The novel The Fault in Our Stars is a story about life, love, and death. John Green, previous author of Looking for Alaska, an Abundance of Katherines, and Paper Towns weaves together life altering issues to create a book that attracts teens alike. Released on January 10, 2012 the fault in our stars earned awards such as; Winner of the 2013 childrens choice teen book of the year award and Time magazine’s number one fiction book of 2012. This work of literature is not one to miss.

imagesTold through the voice of 16 year old Hazel Grace, a girl who has suffered from cancer since she was 13, it is a work of relaistic fiction written for teenages and young adults. In previous years this plot would be considered controversial for, it contains romantic scenes and drunken characters. These issues are considered normal, well known today and happen in everyday life but, this book should not be read by children that have not reached their teenage years yet.

Throughout the story Green creates two characters that have an indescribable relationship and amazing chemistry . Their whirlwind romance is, as Augustus would say,”a roller coaster that only goes up.” You can not compare their connection to puppy love or a typical teenage romance. Whereas a high number of teenage boys smoke cigarettes Augustus only holds them in his mouth, as a metaphor. He is holding the thing that can kill him in between his lips but not allowing it to kill him. While these characters seem far-out, Green makes them highly relatable.They fight with their parents and are nervous for their first kiss too. Thought, they both have cancer they are also striving to be normal teens.

Adored by teenagers the Fault in our Stars is a live in the moment type of book, teaching readers that you never know what could be around the corner so, live the life you love and love the ones you are with, while they are still here. It also informs the readers about many issues that are all too relevant in our society today, it reveals the harsh truths about life.

John Green weaves elements to create a novel that is so unexpected, so hopeful, and yet so heartbreaking. It causes you to continue thinking about it long after the pages end and you have finished the book.

Courtesy by Dutton Books