By Bridget Brownlee, ’15

Bibibop, a new Korean twist on a well-known restaurant style has recently opened and created quite a buzz around town. The local restaurant, located on 5th ave, and newly opened on August 19th by Ellie Robinson of Gosh enterprises. This asian fusion restaurant is a twist on the classic restaurant style, sometimes described as the “asian chipotle” or “asian piada” because of the way the food is pre-prepared and efficiently assembled before your eyes.

Customers are immediately welcomed by the calls of friendly employees and greeted by the sounds and smells of the sizzling grill. The always buzzing restaurant is filled with customers seated at the modern yet practical furniture. The assembly line style allows you to watch your food being prepared before you and an open style kitchen so guests can see exactly how the food is prepared, while the line moves quickly and efficiently. “We’re really concerned with our customers’ well-being, with how they feel about the food, and about themselves” says owner Ellie Robinson.

Menu includes many choices. Bowl, wrap, salad,white or purple rice, two kinds of chicken, steak, or tofu, potatoes, bean sprouts or steamed vegetables and a variety of extras. Although they may not have as many vegetable options as one would have expected, there is still plenty to choose from. The food is Relatively healthy with prices ranging from 4-7$ a bowl.

All in all, if you are looking for some classic korean food, Bibibop may not be the choice for you. However, if you are looking for some relatively healthy, fast food with a korean twist, Bibibop is perfect for you!

Food photo by Ayana Wilson