Eminem makes another comeback into the music industry. After 3 years he is finally releasing his own new album, “Marshall Mathers LP2.” With singles “Rap God” “Bezerk” “Survival” featuring Skylar Grey and “The Monster” featuring Rihanna. This will be his 8th studio album and fans could not be more excited for this album to come out.

As Grammy winning Eminem steps up to make another album, some people would call a little too serious, and that’s the main problem fans might have with album. The album is too serious. Eminem has always had a unique way of rapping. Some songs can be really deep and some songs can be crazy, and most of his songs on this album are a lot deeper and some fans don’t like that. When eminem was on drugs his music was really insane such songs like “Without Me” and “Just lose it.” Both songs are amazing but a lot of fans rather him make those kinds of sings. His newer songs are incrediable and there are some songs like “Bezerk” which is not as heavy-hearted as the other songs on his album.

Eminems new album is really well written and some songs can bring you to tears. His rapping skills are out of this world and his lyrics are incredible. This album really got into the deep part of his personal life, such as “Headlights” featuring Nate Ruess. Talks about his mom, he always said that his mom treated him awfully and that she abused him and that she drank too much in this song he writes “But regardless I don’t hate you cause ma, your beautiful to me.” In this song he says that he loves her and that no matter what happened he will always love her which is a new look, regarding what he said about her in his older songs. Also another song called “Stronger than I was” shows a lot more about his ex wife Kim. In his last song that talked about her, which was actually called “Kim” he says awful things about her and this new album really shows a good side to him.

Eminem’s new album is really different from his older ones. Maybe his older albums are better but this album was truly incrediable. A lot of people liked the mean side to him where he didn’t care what people thought of him and said whatever he wanted too, not caring if it hurt anyone. Now his album has shown a better side of him. His older raps might have better rhythm, you could see in some songs that what he wrote would not rhyme that well. His older songs also had more of a unique sense to it, it was also more entertaining to listen too. Someone would listen to this new album if the liked more serious songs, most of his songs are just too sad and he sounds serious all the time, which might not be bad to some people.

This album has a lot of good songs on it and all ready it is topping the charts but if you are going to listen to it, perpare for tears.