By: Katrina Mulligan

Katy Perry, the “Queen of Pop” released her newest album Prism from Capitol Records on October 18th 2013. The well-anticipated album racked up the sales charts making Prism the highest first week sales of the year for a female pop artist. Fans of Perry have mixed reactions over this album since it seems “darker” than her last album Teenage Dream.

Prism soared in its first week selling 286,000 copies surpassing Miley Cyrus’s new album Bangerz, (270,000 copies).  However it’s almost impossible for Prism to beat Perry’s previous album Teenage Dream which sold more than 2.7 million copies, making it two times platinum. Perry released her single “Roar” August 10th, 2013 and it was an instant success. “Roar” hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

When paying close attention to the sound quality of Prism it’s a delightful surprise to find that there are multiple genres in each of Perry’s songs. An example is her song “Dark Horse” featuring Juicy J. “Dark Horse” is influenced by hip hop which is a step in the next direction from Perry’s usual pop songs. Another song titled “Walking on Air” is influenced by 1990s deep house-Eurodance-disco songs. The mix of genres in her album are creative and worth listening. Perry’s vocals are still as amazing as ever, even as she roars in her hit song “Roar”. Listening closely to the lyrics, it’s clear that Perry put her heart and soul into these songs. For example, while writing the song “Double Rainbow”, Perry says she getting things off her chest and really putting what was in her mind, on paper.

Prism focuses on Perry’s life today rather than the dream she once had which was Teenage Dream. The darkness of Prism works with Perry for she is getting older and more mature. Her songs now have more meaning and depth to them rather than simple ideas such as previous song “I Kissed a Girl”. Perry needed a new perspective on her music and she told reporters that her life was in a “dark place” for a while. She took a break after starting Prism to search for new ideas. When she finished the album, it was worth waiting for.

Whether or not fans like the new album or not, Katy Perry is the same cupcake-wearing superstar that America fell in love with. She’s blossomed into something much more than a “california girl”. People who enjoy her music should definitely listen in on the new path she is following.