imagesAlternative Rock band, The 1975, recently released their first, self-titled album featuring their number one hit “Chocolate”, creating a pleasant mixture of low-key and upbeat tunes that will keep your ears a’ listenin’ and your toes a’ tappin’. The album features several other songs such as “The 1975”, “Girls”, “M.O.N.E.Y.”, “Heart Out” and many more.

Although the band is just becoming more recognized, they’ve been rockin’ it out for longer than most listeners realize. They formed the band during their high school years in their home town of Manchester, England. Shortly after this, they began releasing songs under various different names such as Talkhouse, The Slowdown and Drive Like I Do. That was until 2012 when they were officially recognized as The 1975.

Since they had been making music for years already, producers begun to recognize them. Producer Mike Crossey (who has worked with groups such as the Arctic Monkeys and Foals) produced their new album which was released September 2 of this year.

Since then, the group has become more recognized and has toured with several similar bands to promote their album’s debut. In June of this year, they toured with alt-rock group, The Neighbourhood, and in May they supported another alt-rock group, Muse, in the 2nd Law World Tour.

Because they’ve been compared to these other alternative bands, many listeners wonder what makes them different. Just like the typical “alty” sound, instruments such as guitar, drums, bass, vocals and the occasional synthesized background noises are included in the music. However, the way the band has been able to create specific moods in their songs has been a pleasant surprise. In their songs “Chocolate”, “Menswear” and “M.O.N.E.Y.” they created a mellow sound by incorporating a lot of bass, low guitar notes and melancholy vocals. Whereas songs such as “Girls” and “Heart Out” contain upbeat melodies, splashes of twangy guitar solos and playful drum beats complete with angst-filled vocals and tough-love lyrics.

Not only can the band effectively create specific moods, but they’ve done an exceptional job with perfecting the volume of their songs to do so. In some songs, the sound is crisp, cut short and staccato, whereas in others it’s more blended and smooth.

All in all, the album is a great combination of spunky, upbeat tunes as well as low-key, bass-lovin’ melodies. The sound is crisp, the tracks are smooth, all the volume is tweaked to perfection, and the lyrics are playful, comical and scandalously entertaining.

Image Caption: The 1975’s new album cover. Released September 3, 2013