by Annie WATSON, ’17

A lot has changed in three years for the band One Direction. After just releasing their newest album, Midnight Memories, in November, the transition from cheeky, sweet young lads, the british/irish boy band is apparent. As soon as tats started popping up on their arms, chests and backs, it seemed their music changed as well.

In their first album, “Up all Night”, most of the tracks were about parties and dancing, with a few slow, heartfelt songs.

“Different shhh different day,” are the lyrics to a popular track called “Midnight Memories”, which the album is named after. It’s easy to guess what the “shhh” means in the song, though they don’t actually say sh*t.

Not only has their music changed, but so have their attitudes and style. Instead of charming teens, the boys are growing into a “bad boy” stage as they age into their twenties.

Back to the music, One Direction is writing more of their own tracks about more mature situations. In their song “Diana”, they sing of a girl who doesn’t feel recognized and is struggling with depression.

In addition to the more slow and soulful lyrics, there is also a few songs with a more sexy feeling. “You make me wanna *uff* one more night,” is a great example of the newfound sexinesMidnight Memories Album Covers in “Better than Words”.

Many agree that the boy band is definitely growing up, but how much will they grow before their music is leveled at whole new, more mature, target audience?

Midnight Memories is now available in stores, along with the first two albums.