Editorial-CartoonSTAFF EDITORIAL

A midterm here, Capstone there and an essay assigned everywhere. The link between the increase in school difficulty and the mental and/or physical health of students has become a much more prevalent issue. While it’s never OK to point fingers, a slight way to relieve this stress could be in the hands of all teachers. In a few words, teachers need to lay off a bit.

Students are well aware of the importance of high school and the new, higher standards for colleges. Although homework problems may not seem like much to teachers, it can be overwhelming to students as it’s only another addition to the mountain of stress. With homework, sports, jobs, family issues and a social life, there has to come a point where students can’t take on any more stress.

Teachers say they understand our stress, yet still create homework and assignments daily. It has been said that Upper Arlington’s curriculum is higher than the average Ohio high school and students appreciate that. But with all work comes more stress, which is nonetheless unhealthy to any person’s life. Teachers should increase their leniency towards when assignments are due and the way they are being graded.

For example, homework should not be as big a dealas teachers make it. Its purpose is to prepare students for the upcoming test or exam. When students are given homework and taught the curriculum, it is then their responsibility to properly prepare for the exam. Teachers should have no further involvement unless help is needed. Grades should not heavily rely on homework, as the purpose is to help students further understand the curriculum and realize if they need extensive help or not.

And if students are not ready for a test then teachers should allow them to hold it off for a day. Although Upper Arlington’s reprieve passes can be useful, they are only limited to two times per class per year, however, some teachers won’t even accept them on short notice. Even if a student finished his or her work in the late hours of the night, there’s no catching a break as he or she must be up again to do it all over the next day starting at the crack of dawn.

School was never supposed to be considered easy. And especially today, with high standards to meet, school is the furthest thing from being considered a breeze, but sometimes teachers’ attitudes and strictness are no help. If teachers were to loosen up a bit on certain assignments including homework and exams, students could have one of many weights lifted off their shoulders, without affecting the famous UA standard.

An increase in teacher leniency would go a long way for students emotionally, mentally and in some cases, physically, and only benefit students in the future.