Dear readers, DSC_1241

“Be kind.” Those two simple words, written on a purple notecard posted next to a drinking fountain in the hall had the power to change my Thursday last week. Luckily, I was able to see the underclassman boy who had placed the card there seconds before. To my surprise, he had a whole stack of notecards in his hand and was walking down the hall placing them in various locations. While this may be something small that some others may overlook, I found it extremely comforting to think of the awesome kind of people at UAHS.

As I went through the rest of my day, it, like every other day, had its ups and downs, but I felt especially comforted to be going to the school that I do. Acts of kindness do create a domino affect and I hope that note and the others throughout the school had an impact on other students as well.

Fast forward a couple days to my early drive to school to be on time for 7:20 Women’s Glee. After scraping off the car, wasting gas on a long defrost and driving what seemed like 5 mph down the road due to the snowy conditions, I finally made it to the school (although my car had yet to warm up). Power walking into the senior doors, complaining about the snow and the fact that I may be late, I saw the janitor out snow blowing the path to the senior doors. Putting myself in his place, I knew I would not want to be out in the cold any longer than I had to. Disregarding my Monday morning mood, he let me by with a smile on his face and said, “Good morning, how are you?”

Similar to the notecard I had seen days earlier, this simple remark made me smile despite the circumstances of the day. Maybe the janitor came across one of those kind-hearted notecards too. It’s nice to receive a little reminder every once in a while that simple acts of kindness have the power to change someone’s day. With that, we should be more on the lookout for the kindness that surrounds UAHS. We have many kind-hearted students, teachers and administrators surrounding us every day and I think that’s something we should appreciate. Ultimately we should, like that notecard said, motivate each other to be kind and make UAHS an even more welcoming place.

Grace Moody