Producing the second issue of Arlingtonian has been an experience that can be described as trial and error.

The only experience I can relate it to was my first time driving a car, instead this time it was a much larger car with a lot more people under my responsibility. Just like my first time behind the wheel, I approached my new responsibility with a mixture of trepidation and excitement.

Luckily, my staff once again impressed me from day one. From brainstorming to making layouts, they tirelessly worked to finish another issue. It wasn’t all work though. In fact, Arlingtonian is the one class where the staff can relax and bond all while working together to achieve a common goal.

This issue was marked by many firsts. It was the first time we featured a spotlight on video gaming, a topic on which I, for one, am no expert. I learned many new expressions like “pwning” and “camper” and began to understood the appeal of the Halo franchise. From upcoming concerts to fun, fall activities to a column on horror movies, the season of Halloween and harvesting was the topic of the issue. In the school, several possibilities are being considered for later in the school year or the next. Honors classes may receive reprieve passes, and juniors may get the privilege of open study hall, an issue that created heated discussion in Arlingtonian. But I won’t give all the details of this issue.

I’d like to bring attention to our updated website, which allows readers to comment on stories. We always appreciate feedback from our readers, so please comment on the website and let your voice be heard.

As I continue to steer Arlingtonian down the road of another school year, I can only hope the road does not have too many bumps ahead. Here’s to smooth driving and another amazing year of Arlingtonian.

Leah Johnston