Dear readers,                                                                                                                                                    DSC_1241This issue I wrote a story that was different than what I’m normally used to. It’s not a story about a new club at the high school or an upcoming school event, but rather, it’s a story about a fourth-grade girl from a Columbus Public School. Her name is Ivory Isaac, who, like every other kid, enjoys sports, getting dirty, friends, acting goofy and being with family. However, there’s something more to Ivory Isaac: She has a stage two brain tumor, known as ependymoma.

Ivory joined the UAHS softball team this season through a program called The Friends of Jaclyn Foundation (FOJ). FOJ aims to match patients struggling with pediatric brain tumors with a local high school or college sports team. By doing so, it hopes to improve their lives as they fight this disease by creating relationships with their fellow teammates. The girls softball team is thrilled to have Ivory join their team.

As Ivory’s mother, Julie Isaac, explained to me, Ivory has been through a great deal of complications, surgeries and treatments. Julie told me that while in a coma, Ivory remembers the doctor telling her mom that she was probably going to die. Julie recalls multiple days when the doctor told her Ivory had a zero percent chance of living, that she was going to die that very day. Julie, however, remained hopeful and was beyond excited to see Ivory wake up from her coma six-and-a-half weeks later.

Since 2008, when she was diagnosed with the brain tumor, Ivory has been told about many things she will never be able to do. Her strength, however, is what got her to where she is today. Being able to walk, eat by mouth and play sports are just a few of the things the doctor told her she would never be able to do, but now she enjoys all of those activities.

Ivory’s story, found on page 10, is not to be missed. I think she should be an example to us all. Despite all she has been through with her medical condition, Ivory still maintains a positive attitude about life. Though sometimes events in my life have dragged me down, people like Ivory, who have overcome significant struggles, provide inspiration for me to look beyond the trivial and appreciate what truly matters in life. She should be an inspiration to us all.

Grace Moody