Columnist offers insight into entertainment options in and around UA

Eventually school gets exhausting, and seeing beyond the view of its windows seems like a dream. We all start to look forward to what we’ve been deprived of—anything outside the pale lime bricks. Spring break results in many families leaving the suburbs for the shining Florida sun or living out their Jeep-filled dreams in Arizona’s dusty canyons. Both these places are contrasting to the Ohio lifestyle, and for a reason. People need something outside the suburb closing in on them. However, when vacation isn’t an option, entertainment other than Upper Arlington’s trivialities is needed. Several students, including my friends and me, have drawn many blanks late at night, half-heartedly biding our time in the upstairs dining area of Giant Eagle Market District. What does that say about a city whose teenagers are spending Saturday nights in a grocery store? The idea has been brought up to fill a box with cards containing activities/places to go; drawing one whenever we get stuck. But when you live in Upper Arlington, what do you write? A salvation from the polished sidewalks of our suburb is the campus area. High Street contains many businesses to shake you out of a jaded state of mind, like The Newport which hosts many concerts for the alternative music scene. Further down the street, glowing arches welcome you into the Short North. They illuminate the way into a nook full of coffee shops and record stores and let you know that this place is separate from campus. A lot of entertainment can be found for teenagers here as long as they’re careful about what they’re doing and where they go. For the artistic types, this is your place. On the first Saturday of each month, local businesses and organizations crowd High Street in the Short North for Gallery Hop. Booths are set up to give away free prizes and advertise. Many of the regular shops lining the street stay open late for this event. Art galleries and street bands are also a common appearance. If you want to see a different side of Columbus other than Upper Arlington, Gallery Hop is a must. • • • What does every teenager care about the most besides the internet and their social status? Food. No matter who you are, you probably have a favorite dish or culture of food you would die to eat. With the lack of activities in our domed-over suburbia, going out to dinner happens frequently. Some good nearby establishments include: Stauf’s: Located on Grandview Avenue just beyond 5th, Stauf’s is a lively cafe serving a variety of meals in addition to their amazing coffee and tea. The food is served in large portions, carefully created and incredibly flavorful. The atmosphere is buzzing on caffeine and creative minds on laptops. A community bulletin board hangs on the wall for customers to hang up what’s important to them. The first half of the building is a store to buy their merchandise: T-shirts, mugs and their own ground coffee and tea to make at home. Panini Opa: This is an amazingly authentic and atmospheric Greek restaurant on Sawmill. Both outside and inside, the decoration and landscaping is crafted to appear as a Greek tavern—wooden archways covered with ivy to nest the outside tables, with lamps hanging from the ceiling shielded by glass bowls. The cozy interior sets the mood for a relaxed meal. This place is ideal for a date or a pre/post dinner to a big event. • • • When looking for something to do, remember this—most everything is better shared with friends. And among anything, conversations can arise that are more entertaining than what you set out to do that day. Plan to do things that are out the norm; things you wouldn’t think of to do everyday. But also keep the classics a recurring part of your life, whether it’s playing basketball with your friends or destroying them in video games. Don’t try to make things complicated. Good things are better with good people.

Image By: Sheridan Hendrix