Students unique skills spotlighted in the upcoming talent show

By Sari Royer, 16′

viktor lillard UA talent

Senior Viktor Lillard is a solo artist and member of the band Water Towers. He recently performed in the central Ohio Battle of the Bands and performed in the talent show last year. Lillard hopes his music career will take off and the first step is to gain support from his peers.

“They have absolutely helped get the word out, especially Kickin’ It, that was a big part,” Lillard said.

Folks UA band

Folks is made up of juniors Theo Randolph, Matthew Blossom and Matthew Colachis. The band became official last year.

“We’ve had tons of support from our peers, and lots of UA students have offered us other opportunities to perform. We all feel that we’re incredibly fortunate to live in a community which is so supportive of our music,” Randolph said.

UA circus Talent

Juggling, walking on stilts, and unicycling, with some aerials on the side, are all typical talents for sophomore Yena Zerkel. Her love for performing started at a young age, when she learned to juggle at a summer camp. Since then, she has continued to develop those talents.

“Every year I go to a circus camp in Vermont. I am part of a 14-person group that goes around to different places in New England called a road show,” Zerkel said.

Endless Extent UA band

Endless Extent consists of four freshmen Lexi Murray, lead singer and pianist, Nate Hervey who plays bass and performs back-up vocals, Eric Warner, who attends Bishop Watterson and plays lead guitar and Emmanuel Avgerinos who plays the drum kit. They recently performed in the battle of the bands at Bishop Watterson High School and plan on participating in the talent show.

“It’s crazy, the support we got from people in our school,” Harvey said.