The Oxford Comma

While there are debates when and where the Oxford comma is appropriate, what are the parameters for making that decision? By Gracie Helfrich, '23. Do you have...

New Songs These Days

Sophomore Simon Molnar releases a new original song titled "These Days." By Gracie Helfrich, '23. Students at UAHS claim a wide range of talents, but it is ...


This year's UAHS homecoming will not be immune to the many changes to social events caused by COVID-19. By Gracie Helfrich, '23. As summer winds down and autu...

ISSUE 4 2020: Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor are sent to a publication to reflect the views and concerns of its readers. Letters to Arlingtonian are encouraged and can be emailed to the editor at

Another Cinderella Story

Cast members weigh in on the behind the scenes of the annual musical, Cinderella. By Molly Mitchell, '20 Cinderella opens in the auditorium on Thursday Feb. 2...


Carol Hemmerly was the adviser of Arlingtonian newsmagazine from 1999-2020. During that time the publication migrated much of its content to the Arlingtonian website, which began in 2003. Carol taught communications at Upper Arlington High School and also advised the school's yearbook, Norwester. Carol enjoys hiking, traveling and gardening, as well as spending time with her family.