Ellie Crespo

Just a Game?

Columnist gives her opinion on the effects of chronic traumatic encephalopathy on football players BY ELLIE CRESPO, ’22. PHOTO BY BELLA VANMETER, ’22. O...

‘Tis The Season

A look at different December holidays. BY ELLIE CRESPO, '22. GRAPHICS BY MEGAN MCKINNEY, '22. Six years ago, elementary school students could be seen rea...


UAHS student adjusts to a new school and a new country. BY ELLIE CRESPO, ’22. GRAPHICS BY DAPHNE BONILLA, ’22. Senior Emma Jinschek spends her mornings o...

Ellie Crespo

Ellie Crespo is a senior at UAHS. This year, Ellie is a staff writer for the Arlingtonian. Ellie has always been passionate about writing, enrolling in Thurber House Writing Camp since she was in third grade. For the past three years, Ellie has been an intern for Thurber Camp and has helped kids further develop their writing skills. She has also participated in the National History Day Competition in 2021.