Greta Miller

Playing the Mental Game

Columnist discusses how to balance mental health and athletics. BY GRETA MILLER, '23. Sports are a huge part of American culture. Fans love attending spo...

What is Great Music?

Why some music is great and why you should listen to more of it. By Journalism I student Greta Miller, ‘23. Great music has the ability to influence society b...

Greta Miller

Greta is a junior at UAHS and a staff writer for the Arlingtonian. This is her first year with the newsmagazine after taking Journalism I and II as a sophomore. Greta enjoys writing about people’s stories, music/popular culture, and thought provoking topics. As she finds her place in Arlingtonian, more interests should arise. Outside of the newsmagazine, Greta is a part of various clubs and projects. When not in school, Greta enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing sports, and creating artwork.