James Underwood

The Golden ’60s

Largely forgotten today, the UAHS countercultural scene of the late ’60s and early ’70s included protests and an underground newspaper. The counterculture o...


The inspirational Harriet Tubman quote printed in Golden Bear Boulevard is historically inaccurate. BY JAMES UNDERWOOD, ’23. PHOTO BY BELLA VANMETER, ’22. ...

James Underwood

James Underwood is a senior at UAHS and the editor in chief of Arlingtonian. James started his work in student journalism his freshman year taking Journalism I and II, and went on to be a staff writer his sophomore year and a managing editor his junior year. James is passionate about every aspect of student journalism, from researching to interviewing to writing to publishing. James has written about a wide variety of topics, and he enjoys sharing people’s stories with a wider audience. Outside of Arlingtonian, James is involved in a number of UAHS student organizations and enjoys exploring Columbus.