Out of the Box

Middle Eastern columnist discusses her college application process and how her race is not identified.

The Amended ACT

Dr. Moore answers questions related to the newly issued rule regarding ACT testing. By Noah Mizer, '21 Most colleges consider the ACT during the application p...

College CON-fidential

by Katie Zhao, '19 I was scrolling through the latest tales of drama and misfortune on College Confidential, like any normal person would, when I stumble...

Why the Weight

Our school runs by a GPA weight system—1.1 for honors, 1.2 for AP and IB—yet most colleges will never see our weighted grades. Here, administrators, counselors and students weigh in on why UA students can—and whether they should be able to—have a GPA over 4.0

Fighting the Figures

Staff urges students to appreciate themselves beyond a test score. Welcome to Upper Arlington High School.1,815 Students large. An average ACT of 27. An averag...