ADHD and Adolescence

By Olivia Buster '20 As Sophomore Cam Clark listens to his geometry lesson his mind starts to wander. Equations start to melt into daydreams as his medicatio...

A Silent Education

In the wake of the #metoo and Time’s Up movements, students confront consent and sexual harassment by Dylan Carlson Sirvent and Clare Driscoll, '19 Ever sin...
"homework" written on chalkboard

Havoc Over Homework

by Clare Driscoll and Sophie Yang, '19 | UAHS reinforces the long-standing recommendation that teachers assign no more than three hours of homework per week
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Tech’D Out

by Cole Pirwitz, '16, Olivia Van Arsdale, '17, and Tom Weimer, '18 District-Wide Laptops Spark Debate Once upon a time, technology in schools was considered t...
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Privy to Privacy?

by McDaniel Hartranft, '17 Growing up with the school computers blocking certain images and websites, the question of whether students will have much privacy o...