Thank You, Journalism

Columnist shares why she chose to join Arlingtonian and why you should too. BY GRETA MILLER, ’23. GRAPHICS BY CAROLINE KEGG, ’24 AND MOLLY HENCH, ’22. In...


A reflection on the over-romanticism of journalism and what it means today. BY IRIS MARK, ‘23. Swiped out of a cardboard box brimming with books deemed u...

Why the Weight?

For the second year in a row, the district leadership vetoed a proposal for Journalism III-A: Arlingtonian to receive honors weight, yet our broadcast counterpart, Honors Advanced Broadcast (Kickin' It) has received honors credit for several years. The district's decision is baffling—and insulting—and we feel the course is receiving unfair consideration. 
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All departments have a lot to offer

Other programs have in the past provided academic experience of equal, or for some students greater value. In fact, it is the diversity of available academic pursuits that make this high school such a great institution, and we’d be foolish to forget that.