As the Fog Clears

A look into how the global economy is affecting environmental investment. By Meghan Beery, ‘21. In early March, social media was full of pictures of clear can...

Digital Dollars

Digitally spending money is becoming more efficient due to an increase in user-friendly technology. With the popular app, Venmo, students are able to spend and ...

Mayweather Makes History

By Zach Backiewicz, '19 After a summer filled with hype and anxiety, the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor finally happened on August 26. Maywe...
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Major Matters

Students consider what majors to pursue in college while taking economic restrictions into consideration
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It’s Complicated

By Grace Moody, '14 and Melanie Terez, '14 It’s the symbol of childhood saving. The large, pink object sitting on every child’s dresser. All children awa...
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Dispelling the UA Myth

Upper Arlington has long been considered a community of the privileged few; however, the suburb’s demographics prove more diverse than many might realize.
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A Philosophy of Giving

Principal undertakes a spirit of generosity to ensure that every student enjoys all high school has to offer By Kate Magill For today’s public schools, th...
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Pay to Play?

By Corey McMahon and Parijat Jha At Upper Arlington High School, the participation fee for each sport is $85. Can you imagine having to pay more than six tim...