Thoughts from a Recovering Junior

You’re your own best guidance counselor, so make sure to set up an appointment with yourself. it may stress you out to do it right now, but I strongly recommen...


The anxieties of senior year develop more as deadlines approach students By Ally Melnik, '18 The day of reckoning is nigh: graduation is coming and there’s ...
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Under Pressure

The sense that perfection is attainable—and expected—creates stress for students by KELLY CHIAN, ’16 AND ELLISE SHAFER, ‘17 For junior Lexi Murray, stre...
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Loosen Up a Little

Teacher leniancy on homework and school assignments would go a long way to relieve student stress
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So Senior

By Athena Patitsas Six AP/IB classes and no studyhall is not the way I intended to spend my senior year. But after considering my graduation requirements...
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Study. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

As the school year progresses, students work to balance academics and extracurriculars By Kimmy Sullivan, '15 As autumn approaches, students begin to particip...