Played off?

Public Speaking will no longer be a graduation requirement for incoming students following a recent administrative decision

A History of Violence

American History teachers discuss graphic content in the course by Sammy Bonasso, '20 At the beginning of every second semester, American History teache...

Teachers Behind the Magic

While this issue is mainly centered around seniors and their accomplishments at the end of their high school career, they wouldn’t be here without our amazing UAHS staff

Rewriting History

by Dylan Carlson Sirvent, '19 UAHS Social Studies teacher Linda Carmichael was one of many teachers, district curriculum specialists, and teacher coaches inv...

Prom Memories

Teachers share their favorite stories from their own proms By Hallie Underwood, '19 As overrated as some may view it, there is no night like prom night. Tee...
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Thanking the Teachers

Staff Editorial Television shows, movies and books all seem to portray the same, stereotypical high school classroom: a teacher speaking in a monotone voice,...